Landscape with Sheep

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Landscape with black-faced sheep.

Near where I live, there is pasture land with a lot of black-faced sheep. It is fairly isolated, so I think they don't see people very often. As I approached, they all stopped what they were doing (grazing, mostly) and looked at me. During our moment of detente, I quickly snapped a picture. Almost right away, a single sheep decided to canter off, and of course, the rest immediately followed suit. Herd instinct :-)

This is a limited edition print (of 10). It is available as an 8"x10" print, signed, dated, and numbered.

I alter my original photographs using computer programs I have developed to show layers of abstraction.

-------Artist's Statement--------
I am more interested in what we remember than what we see. Memory is an active process. We re-interpret and re-construct every time we re-member. What drives this re-interpretation? I believe that when we see, we take away some key aspect of what's in front of us, whether it is color, or texture, or shape, and when we remember the scene, we fill the details with our imagination. At least, that's how it seems to work for me :-) When I go back and look at old pictures I often find they are quite different from what I remember. With my art, I am trying to understand this process of abstraction and re-imagination.

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