Chicago Bean

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This is a picture of the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. It's more popularly known as the Bean. The artist who created it, Anish Kapoor, is one of my favorites. He has an amazing ability to create fascinating art from simple shapes. He generally makes large, smoothly curved and highly reflective sculptures. The viewer has to see the sculpture from different distances and different angles to fully comprehend it.

By altering the photograph in this way, I have both changed it and kept it the same. The picture no longer shows the smooth shiny shape of the bean. But the aspect that is unchanged is that the picture offers different experiences from close up and from further away. If you view it up close, it is hard to comprehend the full shape, but if you view it from further away, the shape of the bean emerges clearly.

This is a limited edition print (of 10). It is available as an 8"x10" print, signed, dated, and numbered.

-------Artist's Statement--------
I am more interested in what we remember than what we see. Memory is an active process. We re-interpret and re-construct every time we re-member. What drives this re-interpretation? I believe that when we see, we take away some key aspect of what's in front of us, whether it is color, or texture, or shape, and when we remember the scene, we fill the details with our imagination. At least, that's how it seems to work for me :-) When I go back and look at old pictures I often find they are quite different from what I remember. With my art, I am trying to understand this process of abstraction and re-imagination.

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